Becoming an Effective Communicator

Effective communication depends in large part on what type of communicator you are. If you are an effective communicator, people always want to listen to you. Basically, there are only two types of speakers: attractive and unresponsive speakers. The following table explains the characteristics and qualities of appealing speakers.
Warm, friendly, open, honest speakers A comedian is a great example because it usually calms us down. The speaker invites us to relax and talk more directly and openly.
Most of us are guarded communicators, while these speakers have the ability to communicate in an unguarded way. It proves how comfortable and safe someone has to be to behave like this.
Exciting, creative, interesting speakers It's really a pleasure to communicate with these speakers. They have the rare talent to arouse others' feelings of anticipation and curiosity. Their listeners can not wait for the next thing they want to say.
Knowledgeable, self-confident speakers
These speakers give security. You are obviously well educated on this topic. We listen and trust our inner instincts that listening will be useful.
Organized speakers
Our brain needs order and logic and these speakers meet these requirements. The information they provide is delivered in an easily understandable and recognizable format. We need to see, hear and present the structure in the order in which the message is located, especially in today's technological world.
Authentic speakers
These speakers are honest about what they want to say. They do not hide the truth. A truthful person speaking from the heart is without deception or hidden plans.
Inspiring speakers
These speakers allow us to follow them. We are supported by their enthusiasm and originality.
Informal speakers
These speakers move directly into the comfort zone of informal conversation: no speeches, lectures or hard teachings. The message becomes digestible in bite-sized pieces. Very relaxed.
Funny speakers
Although being funny is a trait that many want, not all of us are funny, of course. Really funny speakers are funny by nature and can always monitor the appropriateness of their jokes.
The question is what kind of speaker you are. What kind of speaker would you like to be? We all try to communicate in order to evolve in life. But we will usually hide many weaknesses from us. This is a normal reflex of people in general. It is not advisable to walk around and communicate openly with others. Others may feel offended by their honesty. Daily communication requires a balance of openness and introversion.


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